For Attendees

Is the Madison Night Market free to attend? YES!

When is the Madison Night Market?  The 2019 Markets will be held the 2nd Thursday of the Months of May, June, August & September.

Is the Madison Night Market kid-friendly? There are no age restrictions on this event. There are not specific activities for kids, but children seem to always enjoy the music!

Are dogs allowed at the Madison Night Market? There is no policy regarding animals at this time, so currently it is up to the discretion of the owner. There will be food, MANY people, and some vendors may not be responsive to pets in their booth. We anticipate large crowds … think Farmers’ Market kind-of crowded. So taking that into account, it is your call.

Where is the Madison Night Market?  The Madison Night Market is located on the 400 – 600 blocks of Gilman Street. This is where Gilman Street intersects with State Street. In 2018, we expanded the market to include special events and sales at the top and bottom of State Street.

For Vendors

I want to be a MNM Vendor. How do I apply? Application materials are available here. 

I want to be a MNM Vendor. How do I know if I am in the BID? BID retailers and restaurants are located within the properties of the Madison’s Central Business Improvement District. Click here to see the district map.

Why do I have to bring a generator? The Madison Night Market takes place in an urban, city street setting, and while our fantastic Downtown Madison location offers a cool city vibe, there is limited access to power. Vendors should let us know what power requirements they have for their booth. We may be able to place you near power, or we may be able to help in connecting you with other vendors for generator sharing. However, neither access to power or the opportunity to share a generator with another vendor is guaranteed.

Where do I park if I am a MNM Vendor? There are affordable city parking structures near the West Gillman Street MNM location. Vendors will receive a packet a packet with details about where parking is located as well as load in and load out information two weeks before each market.

How do I pay? There is a PayPal button on the Vendor page for your $25 application fee. Once Vendors are selected for the MNM, they will be invoiced by the BID.

I have other questions, how do I get answers? Please email Rosy Hawbaker, Madison Night Market Manager at markets@visitdowntownmadison.com.

Have other questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!